Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday April 9: Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Paulina Porizkova, Cynthia Nixon, Michael Learned, Jesse McCartney, Jimmy Tingle, Gerard Way, Dennis Quaid, John-Paul Belmondo, Tom Lehrer and Hugh Hefner... Have A Great Weekend(:

Joan Collins in an early 20th Century Fox publicity blitz after she came to Hollywood from England. "My first review was for a play I was in as a child in London..... "Joan Collins plays a very realistic fairy" it said she said smiling.....  "I really wanted a career on the stage...  but the studio agreed to the absurd amount I asked for so I came to Hollywood .....  I was young and naive and the studio system wasn't easy....   Bette Davis kicked me on the set once  when I tried to help her lace up her boots.  She didn't like pretty young actresses around her....  Later on when I was a single   Mom I had to take parts to support my children and pay for their education.... "   Re campy movies like "Empire of the Ants" she half jokes...  "I used to take pictures of myself on the set and send them to my kids and say look what Mommy has to do so you can go to private school..."  Photo courtesy of Cafe 50's     HH(:

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