Thursday, July 28, 2011

SceneAroundTown Soon.... A Rough Cut of John Cassavetes Remake "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie" Screens at Raleigh Studios.... HH(:

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie Original Cast Member Donna Gordon (left) and the new version's Tracey Sheldon, Jaime LaSala and Alecia Rodriguez  at the screening

It's Really A Small World...   I was invited to a rough cut screening by my friend Deanna-Marie Smith of her friend Howard Krowitz's  new movie at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.   When I got there I realized that my old friend Tracey Sheldon who lives in Florida co-stars and produced it  and what I was going to see was a remake of the John Cassevetes classic "The Killing of a Chinese Bookie'...    I got to thinking...   "John Casavetes....  oh yeah...  my friends'  father and grandfather, the late  Sam Shaw was John Cassavetes partner on many films and Sam was a very good friend of Marilyn Monroe's"...  Sam  photographed Marilyn  many times prefame and after and is on the cover of a book about him simply called "Sam Shaw".   I covered the family booksigning and launch a few months ago at Book Soup on Sunset.   What a small world it is...   I enjoyed the rough cut and look forward to seeing it when it is finished.   Ironically Tracey wore a version of Marilyn's white halter dress not knowing that Sam Shaw who served as the production designer on the original version of "Killing"  was one of the photographers who  had photographed Marilyn in the original back in 1954 in New York City while she was on location for Billy Wilder's "The Seven Year Itch"  nor did she know of my connection to many people who knew and loved MM.  Also present at the screening was Donna Gordon who was discovered dancing at The Body Shop in the 1970's and cast by John Cassavetes for the original.  It was very interesting  talking with her and hearing about the making of the original film. Donna almost didn't accept the part not knowing who Cassavetes was at the time and didn't take his offer too seriously.  She was on a trip to Las Vegas when her friend called her from L.A.  as Cassavetes was trying repeatedly to get a hold of her to do the film.  In the remake she plays the role of Tracey's character's Mom and Tracey plays her part. Donna remembers how cool it was to play Ben Gazzara's girlfriend and what nice  guys he and Casavetes were.  Kudo's to Tracey Sheldon and her smarts locating Donna Gordon via the internet and inviting her to be in the movie in  Florida where it was shot.  .PS. You can see the popular Hollywood Icons TV Show I hosted and produced about MM a few years ago online at in the Video section.  Have A Great Day.....    HH(: 

Donna Gordon in 1976

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  1. A little addition, Tracey located Donna through ME at where donna tells all. well, almost all. more than most. ps cool article buddy.