Friday, July 29, 2011

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Valerie Ortiz's "Material Girl" Birthday Party at Smiles in Sherman Oaks... HH(:

Valery wearing a gag birthday gift(:
Jason Rosell and Valery Ortiz(:

Michael Mantez and Valery Ortiz

 Jesse Carrion and Valery Ortiz

Starcam's Jennifer Tapiero
Valenzia Algarin and Proud Parents(:
Gabriella Christian, Aasha Davis, Marisa Lauren, Valery Ortiz, Mandy Musgrove and Matt Cohen
Jenny Ortiz and Alex Perkins
Renee Percy and Valery Ortiz star in the new movie "Dumbells"
Mandy Rain and Valery Ortiz
Best Friends and Cousins Jenny Ortiz and Valery Ortiz
Quentin Prescott Price and Valery Ortiz

Beautiful Celebrity Actress/Host Super Cool Person Valery Ortiz celebrated her birthday Friday nite in style at Smiles in Sherman Oaks surrounded by friends, colleages, family and alot of love....  her cousin/best friend Jenny Ortiz and bf Alex Perkins flew in from Florida to surprise her.  It's their first visit to L.A. and they are loving it and happy to see Valerie and husband Jesse again.  I met Valery about 7 years ago and was impressed with her sincerity, talent, personality, intelligence and great looks. It's always fun seeing her in the media as her star continues to rise and rise! Many Happy, Healthy Returns Valery! ....HH(:
PS. Cousin Jenny Ortiz's website is - check it out, it's very cool.
Michael Steger and wife Randee being interviewed by Starcam's Jennifer Tapiero(:

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