Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Tanna Frederick Celebrates Her Birthday With "Project Save Our Surf" and Friends and Fans at Fred Segal's... Santa Monica.... HH(:

Tanna Frederick being interviewed by Trill Vision(:
Tanna Frederick and pal film journalist FX Sweeney

Soap Star Galen Gering (center), his wife actress Jenna Gering and animated Birthday Girl Tanna Frederick were being filmed for a new reality show about soaps

Tanna Frederick and friend Amy Webler
Guests buying for a good cause
Designer Nicole Di Rocco (center) with husband Phillip and Alyssa Furnari
Judd Nelson, Tanna Frederick and Daniel Zacapa
Henry Jaglom and his favorite leading lady Tanna Frederick(:
Pretty Jewelry Designer Frasier Sterling
Front Row: Bobby Lipton, Frasier Sterling's Dad - he designed Tanna's birthday cake above   Back Row: Zach Weisz, Tomas Koolhaas, Frasier Sterling and "Save Our Surfs" JoAnne Nauheimer
Talented hottie Rosanna Arquette lends her support(:
Ron Vignone and Hack Heller
Front Row: Bobby Lipton   Back Row: Sterling's pretty sister Lisa Forrest, Mom, Sterling's bf Tomas Koolhaas and cousin Zach Weisz
DJ John Lock

It's always nice to see actress Tanna Frederick - she's so vivacious, charasmatic,  friendly, likable, talented, pretty (just to name a few)  and, fun to shoot! She celebrated her birthday in style at Fred Segal's ZEROMINUSPLUS  in Santa Monica hosting an event for Project Save Our Surf, an organization she founded 5 years ago.  Project Save Our Surf is dedicated to the conservation of  our oceans and the delicate marine systems that reside therein.  Supporters are surfers, celebrities, friends, family, and businesses creating events and initiatives to support clean ocean organizations.  The event took place in the beautiful Fred Segal ZEROMINUSPLUS boutique where happy shoppers, mingled,  partied..... and PURCHASED!  Jewelry designer Frasier Sterling was also on hand with her beautiful creations with all proceeds benefitting  and her dad Bobby Lipton designed Tanna's beautiful ocean themed birthday cake.  It was nice to meet Tanna's friends Julia Butler who told me about her controversial upcoming book "The Last Encore" and actor Daniel Zacapa sharing good news of his upcoming series "The River" which sounds excellent.  Also supporting the event were Jack Heller, Ron Vignone, Tolula Adeyemi, Charlene Amoia, Rosanna Arquette, Tedd Morgan, John Lock, Lorna Richards, Diane Louise Sallinger, Galan and Jenna Gerring, Mary Cruse, Reef Karim, Toby Moore, Natalie Alyn Lind, Emily Alyn Lynd, Barbara Alyn Woods, surfer PT Towend and Judd Nelson.  Many Healthy, Happy Returns dear Tanna and keep up the good work on camera, on stage and off......  HH(:


  1. This was a very fun evening. Tanna was gorgeous. Leave it to Tanna to be giving on her own birthday.

  2. Yes, Tanna was beautiful, the birthday cake tasted as good as it looked and the new jewelry was a hit. Whoever put the whole thing together did a great job. Poeple did "dress up" for the occasion. Of the gowns I saw, Diane Salinger's deep blue dress took second place to Tanna's birthday dress. Henry Jaglom was u dashing.

    I love my new Frasier Sterling/Project Save Our Surf bracelet!

  3. Happy Birthday, Tanna! Great party, great idea to make it a combo party and PSOS fundraiser. Leave it to Tanna to find was to give on a day she's supposed to get.