Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kat Kramer's Films That Changed The World, Super Star Cher Makes an Appearance, A Great Director Is Honored, "Auntie Kate" and, Jane Fonda to Return to the Stage....

Tippi Hedren
Melya Kaplan
Kat Kramer and Cher
Kat Kramer, Harrison Held and Lily Tomlin

Tippi Hedren, Kat Kramer and Ed Begley, Jr.
Cher and Melya Kaplan
Lily Tomlin and Kat Kramer being interviewed
The lovely and talented Ms. Kramer recently hosted and produced a terrific event at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood where she presented the amazing  and powerful documentary (the 3rd in her series) called "Elephants and Man: A Litany of Tragedy".   On hand  were the film's director Jacek Kropinski and executive producer Melya Kaplan  plus concerned animal lovers Cher,  Tippi Hedren, Lily Tomlin, Kat's mom Karen Sharpe Kramer, Billy Bob Thornton, Ed Begley Jr.,  Ken Davitian, Beverly Todd,  Stella Stevens, Marvin Paige, Oscar winner George Chakiras, Robert Uher, Vincent Du Paul and many others.  "Hopefully this film will introduce and educate people to the barbaric and inhumane practise of keeping elephants captive in zoos," Tomlin said. "Once most humans learn the truth about the cruelty and suffering we are causing these creatures I believe they will find exhibiting them in zoos as morally unacceptable as I and many, many others do."  I think the film is very powerful and insightful.  These beautiful animals don't deserve to be tortured so they can be kept in captivity.
What do you think?

A few months ago Kat invited me opening nite to see Stephanie Zimbalist play her God Mother Katharine Hepburn in her one woman play "Tea at 5"  at The Falcon Theater.  She was fantastic and really funny!  The Falcon is a great place for a play (and after party!) More recently super nice and talented director/actor Mark Rydell (who directed "Aunt Kate" in "On Golden Pond") was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Bel Air Film Festival at UCLA in Westwood by Kat.  It was a great evening (which included Kat serenading Mark with "The Rose")  and Mark was very moved.  Thanks to Kat's Mom Karen, Mark appears online in a Hollywood Icons talk show I hosted about Auntie Kate along with Kat and her mom Karen Sharpe Kramer who's husband, film great Stanley Kramer directed "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" -  in the video section of .  I tried to get ahold of "On Golden Pond" co-star Jane Fonda to appear in it too but to no avail.  That's showbiz. Heard she was out of town.  The legendary actress opens in Moises Kaufman's "33 Variations"  downtown at The Ahmanson on February 9th.  They should have the afterparty at La Fonda on Wilshire - went to their grand re opening a while back - someone should check if Jane likes Mexican food.  I'll vouch for how good their food is.  Break a leg Jane but nothing else(:   I'm looking forward to seeing the play!

PS.  "Bright Star: Jane  Fonda on Film".......  On Valentine's Day  at 7pm Jane will be discussing her acting career with Kenneth Turan, lead film critic at the Los Angeles Times followed by a screening of "Klute" where she won her first Oscar.  The event will take place at LACMA -  see for details for that evening and the films they will be showing in their series about her.
PS.  Delicious catering at Kat's event by Stage Cafe  - .

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