Sunday, February 20, 2011

The American Dream: Healthy, Happy, Slim 'N Trim..... How Was Your Weekend? Let Me Know...

Email me at  or post a comment below.  Thanks(:  I'm finally back on my maintenance diet(:   It feels good.  I'm enjoying a variety of food and watching the portion sizes.  I lost 40 lbs during 04/05 and kept  about 30 of it off for several years(:  Occasionally I'd gain a few extra pounds  but I had the will power to watch my eating habits and calories. When I started my diet I was also very challenged by a very painful lower back problem. I credit Madonna's chiropractor Dr. Shelley Bosten of Santa Monica for my full recovery. She's Great! Last fall while mourning the loss of a beloved friend I just felt like eating more - there's a reason why they call it comfort foods:(  I didn't eat unconsciously, I kept track of every single calories like I have been for years. Now I'm ready to shed the extra weight. Wish me luck! When it comes to dieting you have to make up your mind you really want to do it - otherwise it won't stick. Anyone out there want to share a dieting story?  I think the key is portion control and staying active.  What do you think? 

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