Monday, February 14, 2011

Pasadena Playhouse's "Dangerous Beauty" Highly Recommended!

Gregory Harrison and Guest
Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone.....   Enjoy, have fun, love and be loved.  Speaking of romance, specifically the ups and downs of  passionate romance...   Last nite I attended the terrific opening night of the Pasadena Playhouse's stellar saucy new musical production  "Dangerous Beauty" featuring a talented cast of 20 directed by Tony Award Nominee ("Next Fall") Sheryl Kaller.  This highly entertaining musical production is based on the acclaimed Marshall Herskovitz directed dramatic film of 1998 and the 1992 book "The Honest Courtesan  by USC professor Margaret F. Rosenthal and  stars Jenny Powers, James Snyder, Laila Robins, Bryce Ryness, Michael Rupert, Megan McGinnis, John Antony and Morgan Weed.  Strong vocal and acting peformances are in abundance as well as top notch production values.  I highly recommend it!  "Dangerous Beauty"  tells the tumultuous tale of Veronica Franco wonderfully played by Jenny Powers (what a beauty! what a voice!) and her star crossed relationship with Marco played by the talented James Snyder (an amazing  singer!).  Powers portrays a  16th century courtesan-poet who launched a hundred ships into battle, challenged kings and clergy and fought for truth even when her own life was at stake.   The show's creators effectively blend Renasisance with rock 'n roll  in the production which is based on a true story.
Red carpet arrivals included film director Marshall Herskovitz,  Rufus Sewell and Jacqueline Bisset (who both starred in the movie version), Gregory Harrison, Mellisa Manchester, Doris Roberts, Swoozie Kurts, Shaun Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy, the play's director Sheryl Kaller, producer Susan Dietz, writer Jeannine Dominy, choreographer Benoit-Swan Pouffer,  Ivan Hernandez, Kate Linder,  Wedil David, David Marshall Grant, Jason Alexander, French Stewart, Loretta Devine, Matthew Lillard, Angela Bassett, Courtenay B. Vance, Luke McFarlane,  Peter Gallagher, Patricia Wettig, Ken Olin, Doreen Alderman and Lisa Schneiderman. 

The high spirited after party  was held in the Playhouse Courtyard with great munchies from Pasadena's Luggage Room Pizzeria and  Venice's Hama Sushi  - nice tie in with the musical as it takes place in Venice Italy  and with Venice Magazine hosting the soiree.  Photos will be posted soon.  For information please check out or  - the production runs til March 6th.   Check out host Anthony  Smiljkovich's coverage on youtube for local CCN - Crown City News.

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