Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An Icon Turns 81.....

Robert Wagner, a fan and Art LaBoe (:
R.J. and Natalie Wood (:

 Tomorrow legendary actor Robert Wagner turns 81!  Happy Birthday RJ!  A few years back I got to hang out with him, radio personality Art Laboe and the other celebrities in the green room of the Pacific Pioneers Broadcasters when both men were honored by the group.  It was so cool when Art presented RJ with a photo of the 2 of them taken together at an event in the 1950's.  RJ was really touched.  "Natalie was there...." he smiled, reminiscing.  I was so happy I was there for that moment - I love Classic Hollywood(:
and I'd love to interview both guys someday.  I hear you can wish RJ a  happy birthday online at  and stay tuned for him when he plays the voice of Charles Townsend in the upcoming remake of the hit 70s series "Charlies Angels"!  A few years ago when it was Marilyn Monroe's birthday Art Laboe kindly announced on the radio  the debut of Volume 3 of my show about her online which was very cool - .   All the shows have  had alot of play and I'm looking 4ward to doing more in the future(:   Have a Great Day!

Only a couple more days to catch the latest art exhibit of famed songwriter Carole Bayer Sager at L.A. Art House,  8825 Beverly   which is a really cool gallery.  Carole is a great artist  and humanitarian - her website is .  Several months ago she curated  "Wounded"  also  at  L.A. Art House which featured the art of China's Zhang Hui which was great.

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