Friday, May 13, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Dolce Group's Lemon Basket Restaurant Grand Opening.... 8590 West Sunset/VH1's New Reality Series "Famous Food".... (:

LaToya Jackson, Danielle Staub, Quinton Aaron and Publicist Juliette Harris(:
Stephen Kramer (right) and Guest.
Heidi Montag (center) with Guests visiting from Norway. They were delited to meet her (:

Wednesday May 11th.....   Delicious food, open bar, lots of eye candy and Reality Personalities filming a new VH1 series "Famous Food" were the center pieces of the grand opening of the popular Dolce Group's Lemon Basket restaurant in West Hollywood....  Mmmm Mmmm Good....  should be a tremendous succes!  Great to see my pal Jeffre Phillips  (5 photos down) who I knew from CBS Records when I interned in the Columbia A&R Department years ago - he used to answer the phones, now he represents celebrities likeLaToya Jackson and others...  very cool.  It was very nice to meet LaToya  for the first time that nite... she was very nice and looked great... a kind sweet soul......  Great evening.....   HH(:

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