Friday, May 6, 2011

Excellent Film "An Article of Hope" Premieres Opening Nite of 6th Annual Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival, WGA, Thursday May 5th...

Actor Gleb Kaminer
Publicist Roz Wolf & Actress Marabina Jaimes
The Film's Talented Director Dan Cohen speaks with comic Steven Alan Green following the Screening. 

Special Guests Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and his wife Lois.

Actor Michael Papa John (Thor) with guests NikKai and Tim Urban
Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon

I highly recommend this well made new Playtone documentary directed by Dan Cohen about the journey of  Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, crew member of the ill fated Space Shuttle Challenger.  Ilan Ramon was a warm hearted, hard working, talented and dedicated individual who excelled at everything he set his mind to.  Much of his family perished in the Holocaust and he was born in Israel after his mother narrowly escaped.  The film shares the visions of a proud, thoughtful Israeli citizen, family man and extraordinary pilot recruited by the American space program and seamlessly shares with us a multi faceted story of his moving journey in life and space while also highlighting the stories and beliefs of many important people and incidents connected to his life.  It is definitely worth watching!   HH(:

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