Friday, May 27, 2011

Hollywood Arts Council Reception With Special Guest Actress Stella Stevens.... Hennessey + Ingalls Art & Architecture Bookstore, Hollywood...... Hope U Are Having A Good Friday.... (:

Deanna-Marie Smith, Rock Riddle and Shauna McClure...   Below: Tom Porter, Stella Stevens, Harrison Held and Brian Boskind

Patti Astor, Stella Stevens and Anita Rosenberg

Nyla and Oscar Arslanian (:
Stella Stevens with a still from the blockbuster hit "The Poseidon Adventure".

Last nite's Hollywood Arts Council reception featuring special guest actress Stella Stevens was terrific...  I always enjoy talking to Stella....  she's got such great stories about working opposite Hollywood legends like Ernest Borgnine, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis and so many others.....  Too learn more about the good work of the council visit     ....HH(:

So sad to hear about the passing of actor Jeff Conaway.  He was a nice guy and a talented performer.  R.I.P.  Jeff Conaway : (

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