Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hope U r Having a Great Wednesday(: I'm Trying.....

Dear Readers... It's been a rough couple last daze for me:(   I want to write the story to accompany the "Teach Your Children Well" photos but I am too tired, too lazy, too unfocused and too fed up.  The past couple daze have been very challenging and in addition to these challenges I am still very sad about the passing of my beloved friend Sheena from a drug overdose.  I loved her so much, I feel like a widower.  We hadn't talked for years, nothing negative happened we just fell out of touch.  Someone who I thought was a friend callously said to me a few months ago "What did she do a stupid thing like that for?".....   Not the kind of feedback anyone should get when dealing with the death of a loved one from suicide:(    I'll get thru it I know but thingz take time.
Have A Good Day Dear Readers And Have A Good Day.....  Thanks for tuning in and your nice comments that you have posted here and also emailed to me personally.....  Please sign up to be a follower too, that means alot to me.....  Have A Good Day.    HH(:

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