Friday, May 6, 2011

"Walk A Mile In My Pradas" Premiere, Laemmle Sunset 5, Wednesday May 4th...

The film's Dee Wallace, Harrison Held and pal actress Kate Linder.
The film's director Joey Sylvester (2nd from left) after the screening with cast members and lead actor/writer  Tom Archdeacon (2nd from right). They all did a great job!

The film's director Joey Sylvester (far right) with 3 of his talented cast members.

I greatly enjoyed the premiere screening of the new comedy "Walk A Mile in My Pradas" directed by Joey Sylvester -  the film is about the adventures and misadventures of 2 guys who accidentally have their sexual orientation switched - gay "Steve"  well played by Tom Archdeacon (who also co-wrote the script) and macho homophobe straight man "Tony" equally well played by Nathaniel Marston.  Kirsten Lea is great as "Sarah" the confused fiance and Emrhys Cooper is great as well as Steve's bewildered lover.  I'm not able to mention every talented cast member  but adding to the mayhem are Tom Arnold, Dee Wallace, Mike Starr, Bridgetta Tomarchio, Jason Stuart, Bruce Vilanch and child actor Eli Dow in his screen debut  as young Tony.  I wanted to get a photo of co-producer/cast member Vincent De Paul at the party but he had to quickly zip off on a redeye to work on another film... that's Vincent! Congratulations  to everyone involved  - very entertaining!   HH(:

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