Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Elle MacPherson, Lucy Lawless, Marina Sinhs, Jennifer Capriali, Bud Cort, Eric Idle, Walt Frazier, Perry Ferrell, Vangelis & Christopher Lambert.... World Premiere of Great New Play "Small Engine Repair" at Theater Theater...

Guest Ron Gilbert, Cast Member Michael Redfield and wife Tracie Lockwood, guest Leeza Chilingar.
The Amazing Cast: Michael Redfield, John Pollono (who also wrote the play), Jon Bernthal and Josh Helman.
Guest Henry Murray (an award winning playwright) and Publicist Judith Borne.
Penny Orloff, Judith Borne and Director Andrew Block.
The guys are joined by Corryn Cummins, center.
Playwright/Co-Star John Pollono, Producer Jen Riley, guest Lewion and guest Henry Murray.
At The Bar... Judith Borne, Production Manager Amanda Bierbauer and Technical Director David Manes.
Director Andrew Block (front center) and Artistic Director John Flynn (2nd from left) join the talented cast and David Manes (far right) at the after party.

Last nite I saw a great new play at Theater Theater on Pico, John Pollono's very original "Small Engine Repair'.  Talented Pollono also stars in the one act production with equally talented Jon Bernthal, Michael Redfield and Josh Helman and are well directed by Andrew Block.  The acting is uniformly excellent in the often hilarious and gritty show with interesting twists and turns when  mismatched blue collar friends are drawn together into an unexpected plot.  HH(:

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