Monday, March 28, 2011

Dame Helen Mirren Hand and Footprint Ceremony..... It's Cesar E. Chavez Day & Happy Birthday Julia Stiles, Diane Wiest, Reba McEntyre, Conchita Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Mr. Cheeks, Bruce Gilbert and Actor/SAG President Ken Howard(: Have A Great Day!

Grauman's guards will keep an eye on the cement block until it dries in a few days. 
Director Taylor Hackford, Helen's proud husband.

Academy Award Winning Actress Dame Helen Mirren literally cemented her stardom in Hollywood today when she was honored  with a hand and footprint ceremony at the historic Grauman's Theater in Hollywood.  Leonard Malton greeted the enthustiastic crowd and welcomed Helen's "Arthur" co-star  Russell Brand to the stage.  After a few minutes of hilarious remarks  Helen was introduced and warmly welcomed eveyone who came to see and support her.  Family, friends, fans and media witnessed a great event long to be remembered.  HH(:

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