Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Bonnie Bedelia, Marcia Cross, Aretha Franklin, Mary Gross, Danica Patrick, Gloria Steinem, Lark Voorhies, Danica Patrick, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Sara Jessica Parker, Sir Elton John, Paul Michael Glaser and Juvenile..... Premiere of "Head Over Spurs in Love" at the Crest Theater in Westwood

Leena Huff and Mom(:
Jen Lilley

Jesse Johnson
Kaylee Dodson and April Brooks

Leena Huff and director Ana Zins
Daniel Bonjour and Kaylee Dodson

Jen Lilley and April Brooks
Mara Marini, April Brooks and Guests

"Head Over Spurs in Love" is an entertaining and very enjoyable new indie romcom from director Ana Zins and Mighty Girl Productions  featuring a talented cast of fresh faces pictured above and a few veterans like Richard Karn, Richard Riehle and Mo Gaffney.  The  film also screens Saturday at the Los Angeles International Film Festival at the Sunset Laemmle 5. Enjoy! HH(:

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