Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thought Provoking & Entertaining, "The Birthday Present 2050" Opens at the Skylight Theater(:

Actor Demetrius Grosse is great as Security James, poses with friends at opening nite party(:

  • Director Jonathon Sanger, actress Cheyenne Haynes with guest Leila  Goldoni and cast member Jossara Jinaro who plays flirty Doty well.
Actress Cheyenne Haynes with talented actor Jeffrey Doornbos as Guy.
Strong Performers: Juan Carlos Cantu is Felix, Katrina Lenk is Aunt Helene - in the play their characters don't get along.
 Cheyenne Haynes is Trinka, Salome Jens is her grandmother Teresa - both actresses are wonderful.
Actor James Black is great as Harry with guest and playwright Tania Wisbar.
"The Birthday Present 2050" directed by Jonathon Sanger (Producer of the films  "The Elephant Man", "Frances" & "The Producers - The Musical"), written by Tania Wisbar is an Argyle Roads Production(:

"The Birthday Present 2050" takes place, you guessed it, in the year 2050.  This thought provoking, entertaining and controversial family themed new play opened last nite at the beautiful Skylight Theater in Los Feliz and plays through April 17.  I enjoyed it alot and recommend it -  the theme is original, the cast is terrific and the set and production values are A list too.  First time playwrite Tania Wisbar's take on the future is defintely worth getting into the time machine for under the solid direction of Jonathon Sanger.  Not pictured are Elyssa Davalos as Marsha and Janet Hoskins as Aunt Gladys - both actressses turn in great performances.  For tickets call 323 960 7733 or visit or

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  1. The dialogue in Tania Wisbar's original, thought-provoking script captures the tense underpinnings of family, societal, and spiritual friction, delivered with perfect pitch by a strong and engaging staff under Jonathan Sanger's expert direction. The set and lighting round out the production, convincingly framing an intimate family gathering while simultaneously revealing both the extent to which that intimacy is at the mercy of intrusive external forces, and the vulnerability of those forces to beauty and bravery.

    Definitely worth the trip, wherever you are!