Monday, June 6, 2011

Favorite Pics - Part 2... Mark Ruffalo Honored... Hope U Had A Good Weekend... Have A Fantastic New Week... GIive It All U Have! HH(:

Hungry guy at Hyundai Food Truck Derby (:

Caroline Barris at the Andrew Weiss Gallery (:
2 cuties at Renee Simlak's Ashley Hope Fundraiser at Bark N Bitches (:
Tanna Frederick entertains guests at the Edgemar Center for the Performing Arts (: 
Peek A Boo (:
Congratulations to great actor, director and environmentalist Mark Ruffalo on receiving the Entertainment  Industry Environmental Award Saturday at Global Green's 15th Annual Millenium Awards in Santa Monica.  Mark has been exposing hyrofracking, a controversial method of getting natural gas out of rocks by using chemicals and water -  I've seen the videos and it makes the water in the areas it is practised extremely toxic, poisonous and therefore undrinkable!   Imagine not being able to drink or cook with the water in your home, even if you filter it.  Disgusting and sad.  So congratulatitons dear Mark on your efforts and keep up the good work pal! 
Ann Roth, Mark Ruffalo and Harrison Held at the screening of Mark's fine directorial debut "Sympathy For Delicious" at City Hall in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary of the American Disabilities Act

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