Monday, June 20, 2011

Theatre West Presents A Great Performance In Memory of A Great Star: Betty Garrett (:

Barbara Minkus and Daniel Keough
Andrew Parks, guest Miles Kruger and Devra Korwin

Madison Clair Parks and Grandmother Betty Garrett
Madison Clair Parks and Brian O'Halloran

Madison Clair Parks and guest Connie Sawyer ("Pineapple Express")
Daniel Keough, Robert W. Laur, Madison Clair Parks, Brian O'Halloran, Barbara Mallory
Theatre West held their first Concert Reading Benefit for the Betty Garrett Musical Comedy Workshop last nite and it was a hit.  In her memory they presented Miss Garrett's first Broadway musical she co-starred in with Ethel Merman, Cole Porter's "Something For The Boys" with Book by Herbert and Dorothy Fields.  The talent on the stage was amazing with great direction and musical direction  by Brian O'Halloran.  Kudos to all involved... In order of appearance Devra Korwin, Andre Landzaat, Andrew Parks - Miss Garrett's proud son, Barbara Minkus, Daniel Keough, Elliot Schwartz, Madison Clair Parks - Miss Garret's lovely granddaughter, Emily Bridges, Caitlin Gallogly, Laura Wolf, Anthony Gruppuso, Beau Bridges, Robert W. Laur, Lee Meriwether, David P. Johnson and Barbara Mallory. 
I'm glad I was at this very entertaining and very memorable presentation about three long lost cousins who inherit property in Texas and decide to make it into lodging for service men....  "Something For The Boys".  The love, respect and admiration from the audience, the cast and production staff for Betty resonated clearly.  Very memorable is that her granddaughter Madison Clair Parks beautifully sang the song which Betty performed in the 1943 Broadway show that Cole Porter wrote especially for her.  Some 68 years later Betty's long time friend actress Connie Sawyer (a feisty 97 and still working!) reminisced warmly seeing Betty perform the song on Broadway and how proud she was to see her granddaughter reprising the same. What A Great Nite!  Also of note, yesterday was Father's Day and director and musical director Brian O'Halloran proudly wore his Father's coat from the Navy for the show.  It fit him well and was very fitting for this very special performance of "Something For The Boys".  Have A Great Week.....   HH(:

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