Sunday, June 19, 2011

Harrison Held's SceneAroundTown... Susan Lurie, Bill Lithgow, Kathleen Hughes, Stanley Rubin, Marilyn Fox, Penny Safranek, Joe McGovern, Lesley Fera... HH(:

Susan Lurie, Stellar Cast Member Bill Lithgow, Kathleen Hughes, Stanley Rubin and Artistic Director Marilyn Fox
Stellar Cast Members Penny Safranek and Joe McGovern
Stellar Cast Members Kevin Railsback and Lesley Fera pose with Marilyn Fox (center)
Last nite I attended opening night of  the Pacific Resident Theatre's "Barrie: Back to Back" consisting of 2 little seen plays by playwright J.M. Barrie, most famous for "Peter Pan".  Cast member Bill Lithgow is a good friend of my friends Kathleen Hughes and Stanley Rubin who appear on my TV Show about Marilyn Monroe.  Stanley produced "River of No Return" and Kathleen was a glamorous MM contemporary back in the 1950's and still is very glamorous (so for that manner is eloquent Stanley).  I've heard for years what a great actor Bill aka William Lithgow is and after seeing him on the boards in the 2nd production of the nite, "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals", I can say he certainly lives up to his reputation, he's such a fine actor!  I greatly enjoyed both of the evening's productions, great storytelling, great acting and great production values. The first play, "Rosalind" was directed by Dana Dewes featuring Lesley Fera, Sarah Zinnser and newcomer Kevin Railsback and was followed after intermission by the aforementioned "The Old Lady Shows Her Medals" with Penny Safranek,  Roses Prichard, Sara Zinsser, Jennifer Lonsway, Bill Lithgow and Joe McGovern and was directed by Marilyn Fox and Dana Dewes.  Pacific Resident Theater lives up to it's reputation of producing excellent theater.  On another completely different note I thought it was ironic that the artistic director is Marilyn Fox and that Stanley Rubin produced Marilyn's film "River of No Return" at Fox where she was their greatest star.  Author J.M. Barrie was a benevolent and caring figure towards children and willed that any royalties from "Peter Pan" to be awarded in perpetuity to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children in London.  Actress Marilyn Monroe was also a benevolent and caring figure towards children and willed a substantial fortune to a children's medical facility as well.  I guess caring and talented minds think alike.....  J.M. Barrie was born May 9, 1860 and died 74 years ago today, June 19, 1937.  Through the gift of his talent and imagination children of all ages, myself included, continue to enjoy his work. Hope my Legacy will be as cool....    HH(:

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