Monday, June 27, 2011

Hamilton-Selway Fine Art Presents HSUS Reception with Wayne Pacelle Sunday, June 26th....

Wayne Pacelle author of the "The Bond"  and president of the The Humane Society of the United States (center) is joined by Filippo Marchino and Jenella Anderlie (left)  and Phil Selway of Hamilton-Selway Fine Art with producer director Mira Tweti (far right).
Nicki from Book Soup (:
Above, some of the art at the Gallery
During his tenure as CEO of The HSUS, Wayne Pacelle has successfully led more than 25 statewide ballot initiatives-including measures to outlaw cockfighting, factory farming abuses, bear baiting, and a range of other inhumane practises.  He and The HSUS ( have worked to pass 1,000 laws and more than 25 federal statutes to protect animals in the last decade.  In his book "The Bond" he seeks to disentangle the contradictory attitudes in our relationships with animals and to shows us a better way forward.  Wayne Pacelle has become America's foremost voice for those who cannot speak in their own defense, and has helped to bring animal protection from the margins to the mainstream.   

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